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I know, I know, I hate rules too, but its important to get this out of the way so we can focus on the exciting part- enjoying our time together.


  • A minimum of 24-48 hours notice is usually needed for dates. Same day appointments are available if I receive a 50% deposit.

  • To meet: 1st priority; fill the booking form. 2nd: email. First impressions are  important to me so please take time to introduce yourself, it goes along way. 

  • All the content from my contact form should be submitted in the first email or I will not respond.

  • If you do not hear back from me in 48hours it is because your enquiry is vague, missing screening info, missing details from the form or inappropriate.

  • Details of my incall address will only be given on the day of our date and after screening and deposit has been verified. 


  • Please be rest assured all of your information will remain confidential. I am a recent graduate with a career goal, so I understand the need to protect your image and personal life. Your personal details are deleted from my encrypted email address. NDA Forms are also available.


Gifts should be given within the first ten minutes of the date in an envelope and allow me time to count it. If we are in public, you can place the gift in a giftbag.


  • Overnights require a minimum of 7 hours beauty sleep and one hour in the morning for my workout ( I don't get this body by sitting on my bum).

  • Please plan a social activity or time away from the bedroom. Dinner dates, movie nights, long walks are perfect ways to fill our time together.

  • Full days and longer require two hours downtime.


  • FMTY are reserved for established clients only. Travel expenses are not included in the rate and will need to be covered by yourself.  

  • Deposit is the full rate. Cancellation fees incur 20% surcharge,


  • I require a non- refundable deposit of 20%. Please note, our date will only be confirmed once I receive the deposit. Details of how to send the deposit will be given once you have submitted a request. I accept bank transfers, pay pal and e- gift cards.  If at all I need to cancel, I will send the deposit back to you immediately.

  • FMTY deposit is the full rate. Travel expenses must be covered by you, but booked by myself.


  •  A 50% cancellation fee will be applied to cancellations of less than 48 hours.​ Tours: cancellations of less than 12 hours = full rate.

  • A 100% cancellation fee will be applied to cancellations of less than 24 hours.

  • I will not see clients that cancel twice in a row.

FAQ: Can I see you last minute?

No. My availability is quite limited and I prefer to keep my circle of friends small.

Can I speak to you on the phone before our date?

Yes, only once our date is confirmed. I find that having a quick phone call helps to relieve those first date nerves. Sending you on a complete blind date would be cruel. See you soon !xo

Before we meet: Text
Before we meet: FAQ
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